Vision: To elevate BCI® as the reference institute for Business Cases in Portugal

Mission: To promote BCI® methodologies’ efficiency within Portuguese academic and enterprise tissues, fostering its use




- 1-  André Salgado

Position: President of Portugal Chapter

 André has 10 years of experience working on project management worldwide. During his professional career, has provided consulting and advisory services mainly in international social organizations working in developing countries. 

He had also the opportunity to collaborate with United Nations Program Development in Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau developing the United Nations Volunteer Program. He is strongly convinced that social sector needs Business Case practices to justify the social benefits as urgent as possible. Resources are scarce and there are several social needs to be fulfilled and there is no space for wastes.

André is passionate about using Business Case practices for different projects and actively supports Business Case generalization among companies, public and third sector projects as a good practice for demanding project funds by clearing understand the estimated benefits with the investment.

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2 – Fausto Oliveira

Position: Vice President for Governance & Marketing

With over 12 years of experience working on Marketing, Communications and Brand Image in several Portuguese speaking countries, Fausto has developed his career in consultancy companies and associations focused mainly on Transport, Logistics, Road Safety, Tourism, Urban Planning and Information Systems.

He has a degree in Communication Design at the Institute of Visual Arts, Design and Marketing, a post graduate degree in Event Management at ISG - Business & Economics School and an Executive Master degree in Management with specialization in Program and Project Management at INDEG / ISCTE.

Fausto has a large experience working on the design and implementation of Strategic Communication Plans, Events (Conferences and Seminars) and on the Publishing of magazines and other printed and digital editions, mostly in Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique.

His knowledge of the Portuguese speaking countries’ enterprise tissue drives him to promote the dissemination of the benefits of using Business Case’s methodologies, tools and techniques, in order to best develop and justify the investments held in the company.

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3- Pedro Silva

Position: Vice President for Events

Pedro has over 11 years of experience in the pharmacy sector, he has been responsible for a variety of business development functions, including consulting, project management, strategic planning, establishing partnering relationships, marketing, communications, and event planning.  

He has a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University Institute of Health Sciences, a post graduate degree in Pharmacy Management at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics and an Executive Master degree in Management with specialization in Program and Project Management at INDEG / ISCTE.

Pedro is an active member of the Pharmacist College of Portuguese Pharmaceutical Society.

Pedro´s background in healthcare and business, associated with Business Case’s methodologies, tools and techniques,  gives him a unique perspective on compliance and an excellent understanding of the impact on the overall business outcome.

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4- António Faria

Position: Vice President for Certifications

With 35 years of experience in project and construction works, control and supervision of works, procurement, contract and service management, developed his career in the Portuguese Post Office.

He has a degree in civil Engineering at the Instituto Superior Técnico, and additional studies in evaluation and project management at Catolica Lisbon Business & Economics, and an Executive Master degree in Management with specialization in Program and Project Management at INDEG / ISCTE.

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5- Olga Santos

Position: Vice President for Members

Olga is a persuasive communicator and talented business relationship manager. She has more than 15 years of experience working on project management.  During her professional career she has worked in several international projects, mainly implementing SAP solutions. Her professional experience covers several industries such as Distribution and Retail, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Automotive and Banking, providing consulting and advisory services as well as training.

Olga as a degree in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Electronics and Telecommunications, at the Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa; a degree on Computer Science at the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa and an Executive Master degree in Management with specialization in Programs and Project Management at INDEG/ISCTE.

She is passionate about keeping learning and improving, being one of her latest passions to spread and enhance the adoption of best practices used by Management Professionals in terms of Business Case practices.

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6- Joana Mota

Position: Vice President for Finance

Joana has a 6 years’ experience working in the direction of strategy and development at a big Portuguese company, that has being in transformation for the last few years. Among other activities, she conducts comprehensive studies about the competitors in the market as well as benchmarks of companies with the same activity in others countries, to try to identify new businesses. Another of her functions is to help the team in the elaboration of business cases to internal clients, in order to development their activity/businesses.

Her study background includes a degree in Management at the ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics and Management and a master degree in Accounting, Tax and Corporate Finance at the same institution. Most recently she has attended an Executive Master of Innovation Management at INDEG-ISCTE, in Lisbon.

Joana´s focus is to deliver always the best solution possible to a specific problem, going against the clients’ expectations, both internal and external. In that view, the use of the best business case’s methodologies, in order to estimate the benefits of an investment, plays an important role to its success.

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7 – Nuno Alves

Position: Vice President for Innovation

Believing in innovation as a pillar for sustainable growth for enterprises, Nuno has dedicated over eight years supporting his ideal by helping in bridging knowledge transfer between Portuguese enterprises and the research & knowledge production institutions through financial incentives for innovative R&D projects.

Nuno has a degree in Corporate Finance at ISCAL and an Executive Master in Management with specialization in Innovation at INDEG/ISCTE.

He sees Business Case practices as a staple for companies striving for innovation, giving them a clear view of the funds required and estimated benefits of possible projects at hand, allowing for better decisions.

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