Nowadays organizations are challenged daily to keep their business running by continuously adding value to its stakeholders in a sustainable way. In order to achieve that, business managers are required to have a clear organizational vision, mission and a well-established business strategy combined with a set of portfolio of projects towards converting strategic goals into business value. Although this is a clear concern in the most of management and executive teams, the majority of them are unable to identify the benefits each initiative will deliver neither how much they represent moneywise, easily leading to a complete “investment-in-failure”.

This paper presents the conceptual basis, perspectives and guidelines for effective project investments, based on the worldwide best practices for business cases. Besides the literature reviews and studies collected to date about this subject, the final conclusions presented are sustained on the results collected from a sample of companies across different sectors who were invited to participate on this research. This research suggests that the Pereira Diamond approach to benefits management has a strong contribution to successful investment decisions towards the maximization of the return on investment hence the value creation to the business stakeholders.



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