Welcome to the BCI®!

We are proud to announce the Business Case Institute!

The Business Case Institute (BCI®) is an independent professional association founded by a group of management consultant professionals coming from different backgrounds, cultures, having professional experience across several industries with a valuable expertise in the business case field.

Our focus in to create value and we can provide it through scientific management. The mind-set is that when using management scientific methods, two different people will achieve the same or very similar results.

 “In which projects should I invest? What return should I expect from this project? Am I doing the right choice?”

There is no time or space to fail, so we must need to be very rigorous when creating a Business Case. A Guide to the Business Case Body of Knowledge (BCBOK®) presents the Business Case framework to help you and your organization choosing the right projects, calculate the return you will get from it in the best and worst scenario and other crucial questions before making the decision of where to invest.

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