The 1st Round of “The Business Case Challenge” sponsored by the Business Case Institute in partnership with Winning Scientific Management and MOVE took place at NOVA SBE on Saturday, February 13.


Over 60 students from NOVA SBE participated in this initiative which consisted in the development of a business case. The Business Case Institute wants to congratulate all the participants for the time and effort put in the challenge, and also for contributing for association MOVE social causes in Africa.

Post Scriptum is the Winning team from NOVA SBE challenge which will be competing at the Grand Final on the 30th April.

The Business Case Challenge will be at:

- Católica - SBE Lisbon > February 27

- IST > March 12

- ISEG > April 2

- ISCTE > April 16


If you are a student of one of these universities, gather 3 more friends from your school and join us, applications are still open!

For more information go to:

Cron Job Starts