The Business Case Challenge continues .. On the 27th of April Round I of the Business Case Challenge was in Católica-Lisbon SBE.

The day started with a morning workshop, held by Cláudia Teixeira, CEO of BCI, regarding Business Cases best practices and the methodology (based on BCBOK®). The main goal is to provide all participants some knowledge on how to perform a business case, to better prepare them for the afternoon challenge.




After the workshop, teams were assigned with a case study and for almost 4,5 hours teams had to do a business case concerning the case study and also prepare a presentation of their work to show to the audience and our judge.

Storytellers were the winning team and will represent Católica-Lisbon SBE at the Grand Final on April the 30.There are still 3 places available to join PostScriptum and the Storytellers at the Grand Final.

Applications are still open:

  • IST - March 12
  • ISEG - April 2
  • ISCTE - April 16





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