On the 30th April it was the Grand Final of the The 1st Winning Competition - The Business Case Challenge.

This competition took place in 5 universities. The final WINNING TEAM was the Storytellers team from Catholic Business School.

BC Challenge Cartaz

The Business Case Institute was born from a partnership between Winning Scientific Management, MOVE and the Business Case Institute.
This event aimed to teach and prepare university students on how to make a decision regarding projects investments in an enterprise environment, with which may have contact during their professional careers.

With this initiative, the Business Case Institute and its partners aimed college students and finalists to learn about the Business Case Metholodogy (BCBOK®) and the Business Case Toolkit, that have been gradually recognized by business managers as key tools for businesses sustainability.

The first round started with a morning workshop concerning the Business Case Methodology and during the afternoon period the participants had to solve a case study, according to the BCBOK® and present it in a 7 minutes pitch. The winners of each round (each university) competed in the Grand Final on April 30.

During the 1st round the 5 winning teams received a training course valued on 1000€ in “Business Case Foundations” supplied by Winning Scientific Management. The prize for the winning team of the Grand Final was a paid internship at WINNING and a training certification provided by the Business Case Institute.