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To be the leader institute worldwide for business case practices.


Fostering Business Cases Without Assumptions.


Reliability, Integrity, Respect, Passion.


Welcome to BCI®

The Business Case Institute® is an independent professional organization, which strives to serve the growing need on the business cases competencies for professionals working in a wide range of management roles and industries particularly where investments decisions take place. BCI® will help our Members (Individual and Corporate) to leverage their knowledge, foster their contacts worldwide and enhance their professional performance to better succeed.

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BCBOK® stands for Business Case Body of Knowledge and consists of the Standard for Business Case production Best Practices with a scientific approach.

The standard includes several subjects apart from the framework that lead the task of producing a scientific Business Case that will ensure the accurate and rigorous results of the financial evaluation being performed on the project.


There are two ways to access BCBOK®




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The Business Case Analyst Certification (BCA® Certification) is a professional certification designed for individuals who only has knowledge of business case practices/concept, who want to take a step forward and pursuit their careers on this area.



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The Business Case Professional Certification (BCP® Certification) is a professional certification designed for business case and/or business management practitioners who want to deepen their knowledge and proven competencies as well as to earn formal recognition for their expertise.



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