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Fostering Business Cases Without Assumptions

The Business Case Institute® is an independent professional organisation founded by a group of management consultant professionals coming from different backgrounds, cultures, having professional experience across several industries with a valuable expertise in the business case field.

We strive to serve the growing need on the business cases competencies for professionals working in a wide range of management roles and industries particularly where investments decisions take place - business practitioners, consultants, business analysts, systems analysts, budgeting and control managers, project managers, researchers, directors and top management within the Bank and Insurance, Energy, Retail, Telecommunications and other industries – BCI® will help our Association Members to leverage their knowledge, foster their contacts worldwide and enhance their professional performance to better succeed.

As a professional association, BCI® assists business case experts by:

  • Defining standards for business cases through the creation of Business Case Body of Knowledge® - BCBOK®;
  • Providing a summary of the knowledge within the Business Case profession;
  • Documenting and disseminating current generally accepted practices;
  • Identifying the skills necessary to be effective in the business case expert role through the BCI® Business Case Competency Model, Self-assessment Tool, the Online Assessment Tool, Webinars and Articles;
  • Recognizing business case professionals through the Business Case Analyst Certification and Business Case Professional Certification.


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