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We value companies that intend to be sponsors of BCI through various types of support. 

As an institute that promotes the training and certification of professionals, the connection to companies is extremely important. For this reason, we offer a set of counterparts as a form of recognition.

Currently, the compensations we offer are presented in the following list.

Sponsoship Benefits

  • Use BCI® logo on your marketing material;
  • Sponsor logo, company and product description in BCI Website (up to 100 words);
  • Sponsor logo included in sponsors’ banner;
  • “Thank you to our sponsor” at the BCI monthly newsletter (BCI members and those registered for the newsletter);
  • Opportunity to present a speaker in the Business Case Conference;
  • Presentation of the sponsor’s webpage in the Business Case webinars;
  • Annual “Thank you to our sponsor” e-bulletin to the full BCI distribution list;
  • Free Advertising in Business Case Magazine

If your company is interested in sponsoring BCI®, please contact info@businesscaseinstitute.org.


Post Scriptum: We are reformulating the set of benefits that we deliver to sponsors, scheduled for release in January 2022.


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