Organizational Breakdown Structure for BCO

The Business Case Office should be positioned as an independent body in the organization with the main goal of supporting top management on making the right management decisions by investing on the right projects. This requires the business case practitioners on working together with the business and technical areas in order to collect the business problem, need or opportunity correctly and be able to evaluate the most effective solution.

The process starts with the investment justification of each initiative where the benefits are captured and the investments costs are estimated considering different configuration alternatives as well as the risk (uncertainty) involved in order to maximize the initiative's return on investment. Secondly, after the top management's final decision to go ahead, the business case should be handed over to the Business Analysis professional who will liaise and collect the business, functional and technical requirements with the client which afterwards are mapped to the product and tests plan, accordingly. The Business Analyst together with the Project Manager needs to ensure the solution alignment with the problem as well as taking the responsibility to control and stop any scope changes which do not represent an effective return for the mission or problem identified.

The third moment of BCO action is after the project implementation and during its exploitation period. The Business Case expert is in charge of monitoring the benefits realization together with the project client areas, by measuring the benefits and providing constructive feedback for the continuous improvement of the business case cycle. As previously mentioned, it is essential that any investment decision (in any project) considers the organization strategic plan and is classified in a specific dimension (eg. Balanced Score Card Perspectives) so the BCO is able to integrate the required control management processes.

The Organizational Breakdown Structure emphasizes four high-level categories: Business Case Professional(s), a Methodology, Reporting & Communication methods and Subject Matter Expert(s).

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organizational breakdown structure bco


BC ProfessionalMethodologyReporting & CommunicationSubject Matter Expert (SME)
  • Business Case Professional BCP®
  • Business Case Analyst BCA®
  • Business and Management Consultants
  • Business Partners
  • Business Analysts
  • BCBOK® Standard
  • BC Training
  • Project Cost-Benefits Reporting
  • Business Case Tools
  • Steering Presentation
  • Communication
  • Business Experts
  • Technical Experts
  • Market Studies and Research Specialists
  • Control Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Risk Experts