Responsibility Assignment Matrix for BCO

Besides the acknowledgement and implementation of the business case best practices, there is a critical factor to turn them highly effective on a daily basis: each stakeholder involved must have a clear understanding about his/her role and responsibilities during the business case lifecycle and stay committed throughout the process. During the business case lifecycle, from the initiative proposal request to the last stage of benefits tracking during the project exploitation, there are several stakeholders involved: Top managers, clients, subject matter experts and many others, who are accountable for a diversity of tasks and responsible for their decisions. Using the right tools and methodology together with reliable sources, good communication skills and mechanisms are critical factors for an organization sustainable success. The following Responsibility Matrix is a guideline since it should be tailored to the organization under consideration.

Please find the details below:

TOP Management (Executive Committee) Highest hierarchy level in the organization;
Responsible to make strategic decisions (sets the strategic direction; strategic goals)
Essential contribution to the business case, specially on prioritizing the business goals and on the final decision-making (GO/NO GO) when necessary;
Leadership and commitment attitude towards the business cases evaluation and investments decision-making.
Client (ex. Executive Sponsor) Propose the Project Request (*client may also be the sponsor, simultaneously);
Identify the business needs/problem/opportunity and evaluates its alignment to strategic goals;
Defines the business requirements and proposes the business solution;
Ensure resources and funding are available for the business case evaluation and project implementation (*if client is the sponsor) Meets with the business case team on semi-regular basis and promotes support to major stakeholders;
C, V, S 
Business Case Specialist Expert on the business case process;
Ensures the business case methodology and process is followed and completed accurately;
Ensures there is a communication action plan for each stakeholder in order to guarantee their buy-in; Advises and make recommendations to the final decision-maker;
Coaching and Training to the business case team;
Subject Matter Expert (Business; Technical) SME Business - Provides high-value information about the business; SME Technical – Provide relevant information about costs involved; Assures the quality of information provided;
SME's may be internal or external sources;
A, R, C
Other Stakeholders Provide relevant or useful information for the business case;
Most commonly, the final stakeholder(s) (end-user) who will be impacted by the project benefits;
According to the initiative requested, some stakeholders should be consulted and contribute with valuable information whereas others should be informed (to create awareness, engagement and their buy-in);
C, I
Control Management Team responsible to provide business and operational metrics and performance indicators in order to track and monitor the benefits realization and the project progress towards a strategic goal of the organization. R, C

R – Responsible (performer); A – Accountable (ultimate responsible); C – Consulted; I – Informed; V – Validate; S – Sign-Off (final acceptance)