What is BCBOK®?

BCBOK® stands for Business Case Body of Knowledge and consists of the Standard for Business Case production Best Practices with a scientific approach.

The standard includes several subjects apart from the framework that lead the task of producing a scientific Business Case that will ensure the accurate and rigorous results of the financial evaluation being performed on the project.

The Purpose of the BCBOK®: A Guide to the Business Case Body of Knowledge

BCBOK® aims to help organizations evaluate the impact of their investment management decisions for the creation of value and economic sustainability through scientific management processes.

BCBOK® contains the standard generally recognized as a good practice for business cases. The Business Case Body of Knowledge is a methodology composed by a set of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques which, when appropriately applied in any given initiative, it enhances the chances of a successful management decision towards a project investment.


Here you can find the the table of contents from the BCBOK version 1.0:

pdfBCBOK ® Guide - Table of Contents


How to access BCBOK®?

There are two options to access BCBOK®:


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