Call for Articles

Would you like to share your ideas with other members? Have you been writing a paper that can be helpful for knowledge transmission to other members? Would you like your thoughts to be part of the BCI® knowledge base as additional knowledge to the BCBOK® Guide?


call for articles


BCI® is calling for applications for articles to include in the Best Pratices for Reliable Business Cases peer reviewed journal series. All proposals will be anonymously assessed by a panel of reviewers to select those for publication. 

You may apply for a Research Paper or Opinion Paper. Research papers provide conclusions based on results collected from a scientific process (eg. Market research, interviews or other techniques) whereas Opinion Papers may be based on professional experience, thoughts and beliefs sustained by reasons (examples are recommended).


Topics for consideration: 

  • Budgeting techniques: Incremental Vs Zero-Based Budgeting
  • Value creation for organizations through benefits tracking and measurement
  • Benefits estimation and costs estimation, how to proceed
  • Economics evaluation inputs, tools & techniques and outputs
  • How to prioritize a portfolio of projects
  • Tools and techniques to define and assign responsabilities inside organiztions
  • Stakeholders management for successful benefits realization
  • Business Research Methods and its contribution for successful benefits estimation
  • Problem Solving techniques for ana ccurate diagnosis
  • How to measure return on a specific subject (eg. Return on marketing, return on communication or others)


These are just a few topics suggestions. BCI® is fuly open to new ideas and discussion topics thar business case professional can apply in their daily practice.


If you have an idea for an article, share it with us by submitting a one page outline of your paper with the following format:

  • Brief description: overview on the topic of your article and why do you believe this topic is relevant to business case professionals
  • Learning goals: how this paper will change the business case professionas daily practice
  • Key arguments: outline the main ideas and arguments of your paper and how business case professionals can use it in practice


To submit your articles proposals, please check out the Call for Articles Opportunity Description and the BCI® Article Template below:

pdfCall for Articles Opportunity Description

docxBCI® Article Template


docxBCI® Opinion Paper Template