Certification Steps

Certification Steps


BCI Certification Steps


1. The candidate application to meet all the requirements (according to each level of Certification)

2. Complete the online application for BCI® and agree with the Code of Conduct and Standards of Professional of BCI®

3. Submit the completed online application (will be available online SOON)

4. BCI check if the application process is complete and complies with the requirements. BCI® shall notify the results by e-mail, to a maximum of 21 working days after receipt of the application.

5. If the candidate is approved, he or she will be eligible to perform BCA® or BCP® exam according to his/her application. The applicant has maximum period of one year from the date that the application was approved to make the exam.

NOTE – The applicant has a maximum of one (1) year from the date of their application approval and exam eligibility email to successfully pass the exam. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure the application does not lapse.

6. If an application is declined, the applicant is not eligible to write the BCA® or BCP® exam at this time. The application assessment results email will include the reason the application was not approved. The applicant may reapply for BCA® or BCP® certification after three (3) months of receiving their application assessment results email and after the applicant has remedied the reasons for the application being declined. The applicant may also appeal the Certification Body's decision to decline the application; the Application Appeal process can be obtained by emailing certification@businesscaseinstitute.org.


Exam Preparation Tips:

  • Review BCBOK BCI®Guide
  • Review the resources recommended in the BCI® website
  • Attend Training as needed
  • Find a mentor for business case
  • Add yourself to a workgroup
  • Network in the BCI® Linked in Group Discussion