BCI® - How to joing BCI®


In order to Join BCI, you must follow 3 steps. If at any moment you have questions, please email us at members@businesscaseinstitute.org 


Step 1 - Application Form

You must download and send the member application form, by email, to: members@businesscaseinstitute.org

DOWNLOAD | Individual Application Form (for handwriting)

DOWNLOAD | Individual Application Form (PDF form)


DOWNLOAD | Corporate Application Form (for handwriting)

DOWNLOAD | Corporate Application Form (PDF form) - coming soon



Step 2 - Registration

After you sent the application form, make your registration.

Make sure to use the exact same informatin in the registration that you used in the application form, so we can validate it.


Step 3 - Validation

After we receive the application form by email, we validate your registration and the payment, our services will contact you confirming all information so you can be a BCI® member.

This process normally takes no more than 3 days after confirmation of payment of membership fees.


Registration Support

Being a member of Business Case Institute® is available for anyone interested in the declared purposes of the institute.

The person seeking membership shall be accepted as a member of BCI®, by submitting, receiving, accepting and processing online application.

To be a member you must accept our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy statements.

Also, you must adopt the BCI® Code of Ethics.

Having trouble registering on BCI®?

Please contact us.

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