BCI® - BUSINESS CASE magazine Call for Articles


Would you like to share your ideas, publishing an article in BUSINESS CASE magazine?

BUSINESS CASE magazine is calling for applications for articles to include in future editions.

All submissions will be assessed by BUSINESS CASE magazine Directors, Editor and Redaction to select those for publication. 

Articles may occupy up to 4 pages, considering the template provided.


For article submission, please consider the following areas of knowledge:

  • Business Case
  • Projects
  • Budgeting
  • Scientific Management
  • Process Improvement and Reengineering
  • Transformation Management
  • Strategy Management
  • Quality Improvement and Management
  • Contract Negotiation and Management
  • Leadership
  • Stakeholders Engagement
  • Risk and Agile Enterprise
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Financial Services and Insurance

 Also, the articles should be identified with (preferably) more than two keywords from the following:

  • #businesscase
  • #project
  • #budgeting
  • #scientificmanagement
  • #investment
  • #processimprovement
  • #strategymanagement
  • #complexproblemsolving
  • #financialservices
  • #businesscaseanalyst
  • #businesscasepractitioner
  • #businesscaseprofessional
  • #businessdevelopmentprofessional
  • #consulting
  • #consultant
  • #deliverymanagers
  • #financialanalyst
  • #managementorganizationanalyst
  • #projectmanager
  • #projectmanagement


If you have an idea for an article, share it with us by submitting the following information:

  • Title + Subtitle (if needed)
  • Brief description: overview on the topic of your article (no more than 200 words)

Send your application to: communication@businesscaseinstitute.org  


To submit your articles proposals, please consider the Article Template below:

docxBUSINESS CASE magazine Article Template 


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