BCI® - Benefits of a Professional Business Case Certification


Getting a Business Case Institute® professional certification offers plenty of benefits to both the individuals and the organization employing them.


Benefits to the individual may include:

  • Acquire and develop competence in the principles and practices of business cases.
  • Professional recognition within the business management industry and professional peers leveraging career potential as a business case practitioner.
  • Certification contributes to the continuous acknowledgment of your skills, continuous improvement and keeping you constantly up to date allowing a more confident investment decision-making.
  • Recognizes individuals who have invested in their business management careers and encourages them to keep doing so.


Benefits to the organization may include:

  • Provides professional development, advancement and recognition opportunities for staff.
  • Demonstrates to the market (customers, competitors, suppliers, staff and investors) that you are aligned with the best industry-standards on business case practices.
  • A good opportunity to demonstrate your business is running on an effective manner.
  • Provides a more reliable quality of results enabled by the certified business case professionals who use the most updated standards and methodologies on this field.
  • Having assessments on a regular basis leverages responsibility and commitment among the staff.

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