BCI® - Business Case Professional Certification


The Business Case Professional Certification® is a professional certification designed for business case and/or business management practitioners who want to deepen their knowledge and proven competencies as well as to earn formal recognition for their expertise.

There are several ways to obtain training regarding this certification and to apply for the Certification Exam.


Step 1 | Eligibility

The first step is to verify if you are eligible for this certification.

As for academic training, it is necessary to have a university degree.

Professionaly, it is necessary to have a Management or Consulting background (ex. business analysis, project management, marketing, IT, management control, accountancy, etc - professional experience in business management or related areas to ensure that you have sufficient practice and are familiar with the most important concepts and the mechanics of producing business cases.)

Additionally one must prove to have at least 2 years work experience on a management field.


Step 2 | Buy BCBOK®

It is important to have access to BCBOK® prior to the certification so you can have enough time to study.

The information contained in the BCBOK® is extensive and requires careful reading for correct assimilation.

Later, when you schedule your certification exam, we will make a discount on the exam fee corresponding to the amount you paid for your BCBOK.



If you are aware of the certification program and have acquired the BCBOK, you can apply directly for the certification exam. However, we advise against this option. We advise you proceed to Step 3 or 4, accordingly to your training needs


Step 3 | Training

If you feel the need for specialized training in some of the topics included in the certification program, take part in one of our training sessions on exclusive topics.

CHECK | Training Sessions Calendar


Step 4 | Preparation Program

Enroll in the global certification preparation program - BCP Certification Preparation - and get training on all topics covered in the certification program, as well as support from trainers.

CHECK | Certification Preparation Calendar


Step 5 | Application for Certification Exam

To obtain this certification the candidate must perform a certification exam with 200 questions.

Also, must submit an Action Project which involves applying the knowledge and skills achieved. The canidates must create and give a final presentation of a business case based on the Business Case Body of Knowledge framework.

When applying to the Certification Exam, you must submit the Application Form, along with two reference letters (academic or professional references).


CHECK | Certification Exams Calendar | Exam Application Form


Step 6 | Application validation 

We will check if the application process is complete and complies with the requirements, and notify the results by email, to a maximum of 14 working days after receipt of the application.

If the candidate is approved, there is a maximum period of 6 months from the date that the application was approved to make the exam. One application allows the candidate to perform one exam. If the candidate fails the exam he must make a new application.

If an application is declined and the candidate is not eligible to perform the certification exam, he will receive the application assessment results email which includes the reason the application was not approved. The candidate may reapply for the certification exam again after three (3) months, and if he has remedied the reasons for the application being declined.


Step 7 | Taking the Certification Exam

Once the application for the certification exam has been approved, the available dates for the exam will be indicated to the candidate, and the candidate must choose a date to take the exam.



Exam Preparation Tips:

  • Review BCBOK® | Step 2
  • Review the resources recommended in the Certification Program
  • If you are already a member, read the materials on the reserved area of the website (become a member)
  • Attend Training as needed | Step 3 or 4
  • Find a mentor for business case
  • Add yourself to a workgroup
  • Network in the BCI® Linked in Group Discussion


Certification Program

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